Will Your Waiver Work When It Matters Most?


Joe Jones, owner of a day trip rafting company in Colorado, was on the phone with his legal representation. A few months before, during high water, a guest fell from the boat and sustained a serious head injury when he collided with the boat’s frame. The guides immediately implemented the company’s critical incident plan and […]

Outside Magazine – Leah Corrigan weighs in regarding Everest summit attempt lawsuit.

  Since 2020, the outdoor industry has tracked a lawsuit in which a tech CEO sued his guide due to a failed Everest summit attempt. This lawsuit was of particular interest to recreation businesses and organizations as the ruling had the potential to change the relationship between risk management and guide decision making. Recreation Law […]

Outdoor Recreation Operations and Mandatory Vaccinations

This Blog Post was written when C)VID-19 vaccines first became widely available – consult with legal counsel for updated information.   Since COVID-19 vaccinations became widely available, many outdoor recreation business and organizations are wondering how to best protect their guides, staff, and guests. Can an employer legally require a COVID-19 vaccinate as a term of […]

Leah Corrigan Weighs in on Reckless Pass Skiing

During the 2019 Wyoming Snow and Avalanche Workshop, Recreation Law Group’s Leah Corrigan joined a panel of speakers discussing access to Jackson Hole’s most popular backcountry destination, Teton Pass. The panel discussed how National Forest users can recreate responsibly and avoid impact to the highway below, including triggering potentially injurious or fatal avalanches. The Jackson […]

A Lawyer’s Perspective on Incident Response

Originally published in the Avalanche Review, February 2019 Outdoor professionals tend to be very adept at managing risk in the outdoors, and there is an ever-increasing focus on technical training for on-the-ground risk mitigation, wilderness medical training, and rescue training. However, there tends to be much less focus on the fundamentally human aspects of how […]

The Value of Educating Your Customers About Inherent Risk

Originally published in the America Outdoors Association Summer Quarterly Outfitters and guides rightfully place a high premium on the concept of personal responsibility.   Perhaps as a result of this fundamental value, outfitters also tend to dismiss people who sue as greedy, out to make a quick buck, or lacking in personal responsibility.  This misconception about […]