After 46 years of operating Steens Mountain High Altitude Running Camp, I grew tired of bushwhacking, improvising, getting legal advice from those who had never hiked, ran, or fell down a steep incline, and borrowing camp waivers both off and on the internet.

Bam! Enter Recreation Law Group!

Steens Mountain High Altitude Running Camp now has custom crafted acknowledgement of dangers and risks and liability waivers, one for parents and their minor participants, and one for our adult running camp.

Harland Yriarte

Camp Founder & President - Steens Mountain Running Camp

Within the normal operations of our river company, a fatality occurred on one of our trips.

This was an emotional event that drastically impacted the family of the deceased. It also left the guides, staff, and owners emotionally distressed. Leah helped walk our company through the immediate aftermath ensuring we did everything which was legally prudent while also helping us learn from the event and grow as a company.

Later, when the lawsuit came, the guidance she gave us immediately after the event proved critical. Her support and guidance through the lawsuit itself resulted in the best possible outcome.

I don’t want to even think about where we would have been without her.

Of equal importance to her legal guidance was her human guidance.

This event was emotionally traumatizing for us all and Leah’s unique combination of legal prowess combined with her incredible humanity and her ability to see through the lens of a guide make her uniquely adept at supporting the people going through this extremely sad and scary event.

No question, Leah is a great lawyer; but of equal importance is that she is simply the person you want to go through this really challenging thing with for the way she will take care of your people and you.


Using an interactive workshop with group participation, Leah pinpointed and addressed inappropriate behavior in the use of “slang” sayings to demeaning comments in the workplace arena.

This was tactfully addressed, identified, and communicated in a very professional and meaningful manner.

Even though some current staff said they had been through such topics at previous places of employment, they were able to both implement and learn from Leah and Recreation Law Group’s form of presentation.

Carolyn Stimmel

Owner - Red Rock Ranch

Leah has been an invaluable resource for our Association and many of our members.

Her depth of understanding of the culture, pressures, operating environment, and other factors impacting the industry places her in a league of her own.

Her presentations are a highlight at our annual meeting and conference year after year. From educational presentations to legal assistance, Leah has had a profound, positive impact on our Association and our members.

Aaron Lieberman

Executive Director - Idaho Outfitters & Guides Association

Leah’s advice and legal assistance have been an integral part of my swiftwater rescue consulting firm.

From the beginning, Leah has always ensured my assets are protected and that I’m operating in compliance with multiple agencies in a highly complex field.

I could not operate my firm and work with high profile clients without Recreation Law Group on my side.

Eric Riley

Owner - Swiftwater Safety Institute

Leah and Recreation Law Group were a breath of fresh air after a few pretty unsuccessful and uninspiring conversations.

She was excited about what I was doing, which was the support I wanted right off the bat. Her team was prompt, gave clear expectations, stuck to the timeline they laid out and worked with the budget I had.

And she had experience in my field which was incredibly helpful since I was just getting started.

She was able to communicate the pros and cons to let me make the best decision for my business. As the summer progressed, she was willing to help on a separate project I was working on and was willing to within our incredibly tight timeline.

I can’t recommend her and her team enough, I feel lucky to have their ongoing support.

Kristen Neithercut

Owner - Project Wild Climbing
Dave Hansen Whitewater

With Leah’s years of experience from being a guide, she understood from day one our operation and where our strengths and weakness might be.

With the Recreation Law Group Critical Incident Response Training, Leah and her crew created realistic and detailed scenarios that provided a great practice ground for our staff to gain vital experience.

The ability for our staff to ask legal questions and hypotheticals, along with Leah’s ability to show our staff how to express compassion while navigating a response, instilled great confidence in our staff on how to work through any incident that might occur.

Without hesitation, I would urge any Outfitter to empower their staff with Leah’s Critical Incident Response Training.

Bud Chatham

Owner - Dave Hansen Whitewater
ARTA River Trips

Leah was able to help guide us through some of the tricky and ticklish currents of gender equity within our company.

She brought authority from being an attorney, credibility from being a river guide, and authenticity from being a caring, compassionate, and thoughtful human being.

We’re not done, but we never could have made it this far without her help.

Steve Welch

General Manager - American River Touring Association (ARTA)

The model of our business is unique. We needed a legal team that would start from scratch.

There are layers of non-profit, free market and government regulation in what we do.

Leah’s expertise and her experience makes us feel protected as well as on the cutting edge in our approach to serving people with disabilities in the outdoor industry.

We recommend her to any business looking to cover all bases.

Christy Fox

Executive Director - Teton Adaptive Sports

In 2020 when Covid hit we were scrambling to adapt our Waiver and Acceptance of Liability Form to deal with the rapidly changing landscape.

Leah and the Recreation Law Group helped us enormously, advised us on appropriate language, and got a final document out to us in a short time.

As a small business we need to be responsive and ahead of things as much as we can, and the Recreation Law Group got us there.

As we continue to move forward in a changing world, we will certainly use the firm again to ensure our assets are best protected.

Robert SP Parker

Owner - Sierra Mountain Center
Arizona Raft Adventures

We initially turned to Leah and Recreation Law Group for risk management support, which she does exceptionally well.

We’ve gradually moved to using her for all our business needs—from support with harassment investigations to COVID policies—including litigation.

We cannot imagine using someone else now that we’ve worked with Leah so extensively.

Alex Thevenin

General Manager / Owner - Arizona Raft Adventures

Leah Corrigan and Recreation Law Group were informative, professional, and patient when we needed to revise our release of liability and agreement not to sue and indemnify.

The wealth of legal knowledge Leah has, and her ability and willingness to share it is invaluable.

We are truly grateful that she is “on our team”.

The Hunewill Family

Owners - Hunewill Guest Ranch
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