Outside Magazine – Leah Corrigan Weighs In On Everest Summit Attempt Lawsuit


Since 2020, the outdoor industry has tracked a lawsuit in which a tech CEO sued his guide due to a failed Everest summit attempt. This lawsuit was of particular interest to recreation businesses and organizations as the ruling had the potential to change the relationship between risk management and guide decision making.

Recreation Law Group’s Leah Corrigan weighed in via Outside Magazine when the case was first discussed in 2020.

She stated, “It isn’t in anyone’s interest to have a guide potentially weighing fear of being sued when making decisions about the safety of a climb.” Read more here.

On December 31, 2021, Outside Magazine reported the Everest guide won the legal battle, a ruling celebrated by many across the outdoor industry.

“The settlement certainly appears to be a favorable outcome for Mr. Madison and the guiding industry,” Corrigan is quoted again. Read more here. 

The lawsuit decision is favorable for guides and recreation businesses fearing the prospect of legal consequences for making decisions clients didn’t agree with. The case also emphasizes the importance of quality waivers and proactively setting clear expectations of risk with guests.

Read the latest article by Frederick Reimers on Outside here.

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