Why should I work with Recreation Law Group?

We know the outdoor industry. With over a century of collective experience in the outdoors and in the courtroom, Recreation Law Group understands the nuance of risk in outdoor adventure settings. We work with our clients to educate, problem solve, and provide peace of mind. Our varied group of clients attest that our friendly and effective approach is one of a kind. We don’t dictate, we collaborate.


My business is navigating a critical incident that occurred this morning. We need immediate support. Is it too late to get in touch with Recreation Law Group?

It’s not too late. We’re so sorry you are dealing with a life and business altering event. You aren’t alone. Some of our longest standing clients began their relationship with us during a critical incident and we welcome your call. With Recreation Law Group, you can count on quality counsel and compassionate support. Learn more about our process here.


I operate a large, complex business with over 50 staff. Does Recreation Law Group have the capacity to support me?

Recreation Law Group has proven success working with large outdoor recreation business clients. With a team of team of legal, risk management, financial, and project management experts, we are ready to support your business.  Our extensive outdoor industry–specific knowledge helps us serve you efficiently and effectively. We also have the agility and relationships to grow our group to serve your needs. Get in touch for more information about working with us.


We’re a small, family-owned outdoor recreation business. Can I afford to work with Recreation Law Group?

We believe small business is the heart of the outdoor industry! Recreation Law Group is proud to offer quality, cost-effective solutions that match our client’s needs and budget. Reach out today for a no-cost consultation to discuss if working with Recreation Law Group is right for your business or organization.


How do I contact Recreation Law Group?

Click here to contact Recreation Law Group. We look forward to hearing from you!

More Questions?

Peace of mind is within reach. Reach out today for a no-cost conversation about how the Recreation Law Group can support your business or organization.